Help Needed

We’re starting with a crowdfunding project to get ten or more pilot devices built and in the hands of courseware developers. We’ll offer these “pilot” units as rewards, plus more units without the pedigree if more people want them.

We’ll need people to create courseware – tutorials explaining:

  • binary counting (use fingers for this)
  • operation of the latch
  • operation of the diode AND function
  • the latch expression (Q:=D where “:” means “after the clock”)
  • Toggle operation (Q:=!Q where “!” means “not”)
  • mod 4 binary counter
  • mod 3 binary counter
  • decoder logic
  • …etc.

We’ll need people to create peripheral devices, including:

  • Control panels with rotary binary-coded input switches,
  • Breakout boxes for the data connector signals and variable speed clock generator.
  • 7-segment LED displays,
  • Coin acceptors,
  • Interfaces to Lego Mindstorm pieces
  • …and many more.

We’ll need people to create projects that can be built with one unit and with multiple units interconnected.

We’ll need people to create the box and its firmware that links the Over-the-Shoulder port to a USB connector so that users can connect with mentors…

…as well as the websites and services that allow people to sign up as mentors, be trained and tested, and connect to users who request support.

We’ll need people who will create websites to serve as information exchanges for new users, purchasers, people reselling used devices, creators of courseware and more.We’d do it with this website but we don’t have the bandwidth to handle the expected demand. Therefore we’ll publish the URL of the website you set up if you’ll let us know and include a short description of its areas of interest.

This is not a proprietary product but an industry segment in development.

(P.S. 3-4-2016 – I thought I would have the funding done and the product in hand by March 12, but I was mistaken. The date was important because it’s the date for “Expanding Your Horizons” in the SF Bay Area where I will be conducting a workshop on “Learning How Computers Compute” – participating in Dr. Ellen Spertus’ workshops there in 2009 was an important impetus for me in this project. I have created a 4-bit design using Masonite pegboard and a wire matrix with diode connector clips and have been crowdfunding on to raise the money for parts. The response has been good and I am proceeding to build eight units.)

(One of the outcomes of this one-time event will be video shot of the workshops which I will be able to edit into the crowdfunding video. This will determine the starting date for the AndOrBit crowdfunding. -LF).