Crowdfunding Video

Here is the 5-minute video in which I explain the meaning of AndOrBit. Since it ends with this site’s URL, you may already have seen it:

AndOrBit Video (5 mins)

And here’s a 14-minute video of some of the classes I conducted at “Expanding Your Horizons”, an all-day event for middle and high school age girls held annually. I had expected to have the AndOrBit product ready by this time but had to build some presentation-size simplified versions for this event.

The “real” product will be physically scaled for one user and will be bigger in three dimensions (number of latches, number of logic terms, and availability of external connections). The learning process is what I am experimenting with here.

And most importantly, it’s not going to be just me that develops the learning process (as embodied in the “courseware”). That will take the efforts of many people, some of whom (the “early adopters”) will be among the purchasers of the first units produced. Because of the low quantity and the need to assemble the first ten here, under my supervision, the prices will be higher than larger quantity and kit assembly will allow. Of course, these units will become collectors’ items, so there’s that factor to consider in weighing the cost (which I cannot yet quote).

Expanding Your Horizons Video – Workshop #29 (14 mins)