AndOrBit is a learning tool – one for learning computer logic or “microprogramming”, where you define the simplest digital operations by plugging pegs into holes, and see the results immediately.

AndOrBit is designed to give the user the right tools for learning programming. The concepts you’ll need to understand for programming are developed through hands-on experience.

We took the first programmable logic chip made and redesigned it so you can see what’s going on inside and change things with your hands. It’s not a toy – it really works. It can be connected to external equipment for input and output, and several AndOrBits can be connected together.

AndOrBit includes the “Over-the-Shoulder” port that allows an external mentor to examine its setup and behavior in order to help you understand and fix the design.

It’s more than a product – it’s designed to be the focus of a future network of add-on suppliers, volunteer mentors, courseware providers and social-media discussion forums.

Lee Felsenstein